The story

The story began in 2000 on a small beach in Islantilla, Huelva, with a revolutionary concept that is simple, easy to operate, uses a wide range of top-quality ingredients, and offers a fun way of making orders. A combination that has been a resounding success.

Consumer acceptance was and continues to be so good that 100 Montaditos currently has over 300 restaurants up and running in Spain and more than 50 in other countries, including Italy, Portugal, Belgium, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Guatemala.

As far as the public is concerned, there are two main reasons why 100 Montaditos is so successful: the atmosphere and the menu.

100 Montaditos has conquered the market, both for consumers that now consider it a “love brand” as well as investors, as it has become a “driver” concept, a brand that appeals to the general public.





Quality ingredients

The 100 Montaditos menu is absolutely genuine. Blending simplicity, variety and quality in a formula for success that is already part of people’s imagination; everybody knows what’s available at 100 Montaditos. One of the menu’s keys to success is the bread, a unique bread that uses a patented recipe and which is freshly baked when the customer makes their order. A traditional bread that is always served hot and crunchy, based on our exclusive 100M formula at an appetising price.



Types of bread

  • Our 100M bread, baked using an exclusive and patented formula, has a milky taste that combines perfectly with any ingredient, and a crystalline crust that melts in the mouth.
  • Double fermented stone-baked bread with a fresh honeycomb texture and a personality that stands out for its intense flavour as a consequence of the fermentation method and hydration level.
  • Unrefined wholegrain bread that takes us back to our Palaeolithic roots. Once baked, the way in which the cereals are toasted lends a characteristic high-roast aftertaste.
  • Chocolate bread with melted chocolate grains will take you back to an unforgettable, magical and irresistible world.

Without doubt, the 100 varieties of ingredients represent another of the brand’s secrets of success. There is a montadito for every customer and for all tastes, and the huge range of options means that choosing your order has become a ritual among consumers.

The simple, high-quality ingredients that are so typical of Spanish gastronomy means that young adults, families and seniors all rub shoulders at our premises.